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June 16, 2019: 1-8 pm

Rope 102: Review of the sommerville bowline single and double, tie downs, double column, futomomo

presented by SomeToolOnHere

Interested in rope and have been looking for the beginners class? Want to get a good foundation and get involved in the rope community? Join us in discussing all things rope; types of rope, equipment, rope handling, safety, communication, tension, simple knots, frictions, and applications (for kinbaku/shibari and/or play). We will go over basic knots and ties that can be used almost anywhere and will be a great foundation to begin your rope journey and hopefully will give you the knowledge and confidence to join the more intense classes around the area. We look forward to having you in the class!!

Tie Focus: Review of the sommerville bowline single and double, tie downs, double column, futomomo

Please bring: Rope* (1-2 hanks of 7-10m), water/snacks
*some rope may be available for use, Kolker rope is also available for sale

You do not need to have a partner for this class, but you are free to bring one if you'd like!

The class will consist of demonstrations followed by a tie along and practice for each knot. Please bring your rope kit. We will have a couple of ropes available for classroom use at a first come, first serve basis.

Bio (Dave): SomeToolOnHere got into rope in late 2018. It started with a few hanks of jute rope, an intro to Shibari book gifted by his wife, and a rope class. Since then (and the addition of an A-frame), he has spent countless hours labbing with friends, sharing knowledge, and continuing to go to various rope events and classes.

Bio (Janet): turkeyandcheese started bottoming for SomeToolOnHere as soon as his rope journey began and has been in love with rope ever since. Clear communication, inversions and more difficult ties are just some of her favorite challenges. She wants to encourage anyone to try this at any age, starting rope at age 38 herself. Rope can be for anyone.

Bio (Dakota): wrappedinstring started exploring the rope and BDSM community three years ago in Columbus, OH before making Charlotte her home this past October. She loves the control rope gives, the connection it brings to the top and bottom, and the beautiful creativity of the process. A personal goal of hers is to advocate for plus sized bottoms and to show others that rope can be enjoyed with all body types.

Doors open at 1 pm, demo begins at 2 pm.  Dress is vanilla to the door.  Door fee is $20 for members, $30 for non-members/guests.

Donations of snacks/sodas/coffee to share, supplies, paper products, cleaning supplies and such for the house are greatly appreciated.

Membership: Paying your membership is a requirement as we are a private club with membership rules that allow us to have the type of activities we allow. Membership for the year is $20 and renews on your anniversary of joining. Yes you can pay your membership dues at the door.

Note for city location: we are still in Gastonia, however due tot he search parameters of FetLife, we don't show on searches for events. Therefore, we are listed as "Charlotte" so that our friends can more easily find us and come get their kink on.

If you have any questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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