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September 17, 2017: 1-8 pm


Negotiations, Scene Building & other how to questions & answers of Dungeon Essentials

This class explores the etiquette and protocols of public play spaces. What to expect when you visit a dungeon. How should you dress? How do you meet others? Do you have to be part of a couple? What are the rules for play and socializing? What about negotiations? All of these questions and many many more are answered. This presentation is an open discussion.
Negotiations, Scene Building & other how to questions & answers

Negotiations, Scene Building & other how to questions & answers will cover negotiating everything from pick up play to relationships. We will cover checklists, do and don'ts of negotiating, limits and boundaries, safety in play and affirmative negotiating. With Scene building we will cover the basics of planning and prepping for a scene. How to build up, warm up, what if things go wrong, and also post-scene/aftercare topics. Also will cover building a starter toy bag, what should a bottom have of their own and dropping and how to care for yourself/ your partner.

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Sensation to Subspace Without Impact

You know that awesome trip to subspace you take when you’ve had your endorphins go sky high from an intense flogging or other impact scene? Did you know you can do the very same thing without impact at all? Yes you can! You can go to subspace with nothing but sensation play. Learn how to enjoy all the different sensations and fun implements you can use to heighten the experience for both top and bottom.

This demo shows how important touch can be to both Dominant and submissive in all aspects of the relationship as well as how that touch and sensation can lead to a very deep subspace. Yes you can put a sub completely in subspace with absolutely zero impact. How to use the toys you already have in different ways for the textures they produce along with your hands to create a scene with intense energy.

This is one of my favorite classes to teach, to watch the awe on faces when they see what can be done with absolutely NO impact! Having someone say to me "an hour ago I would have told you that wasn't possible" inspires me. To take a sub who thinks they need a lot of pain and show them sensation only and achieve that awesome trip to subspace is beyond words.

Doors open at 1 pm - Demo starts at 2pm followed by open play. Please be on time so there is more time to spank and play and get your beat on following the demo.

Donations of snacks/sodas/coffee to share, supplies, paper products, cleaning supplies and such for the house are greatly appreciated.

Membership: Paying your membership is a requirement as we are a private club with membership rules that allow us to have the type of activities we allow. Membership for the year is $20 and renews on your anniversary of joining. Yes you can pay your membership dues at the door.

If you have any questions or to RSVP please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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